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How To Make Subliminals Work Faster


This is the number one question we receive, and it’s a really difficult one to definitely answer. There’s no single strategy to make subliminals work faster. Everyone is different, and much about the subconscious mind is still a mystery. We know that subliminal audio works and we all have our theories, but its underlying mechanisms are still unknown.

Many people will increase the number of their daily loops, but our research shows that this isn’t helpful in many cases. Generally speaking, this approach just causes subliminal reconciliation and/or stonewalling. The subconscious mind cannot be “brute forced” into submission — at least, not without taking extreme measures that are extremely harmful.

There is a strategy to boosting your subliminal results that tends to work well for most people. It can be a hard concept to grasp, but once you get it, we can almost guarantee that you’ll see faster results. Before we get to that secret, however, let’s first talk about why subliminal messages often take so long to work.

Removing Blockages With Subliminal Messages

You’ll hear the word “blockages” tossed about the subliminal community a lot. That’s because it’s a very important concept to understand, not only when trying to figure out how to make subliminals work faster, but also in understanding how they affect your daily life.

Your subconscious mind constantly seeks to achieve homeostasis, or balance, because that’s what will keep you alive. Unfortunately, your conscious mind and subconscious are often at odds about what “balance” actually means.

You may WANT to lose weight, or change some element of your life that makes you unhappy, but there always seems like some “force” is preventing you from achieving that goal. For example, emotional eaters will find it close to impossible to avoid consuming junk food after they’re emotionally triggered. Why? Because the subconscious mind now associates eating junk food with comfort. Whenever you experience a triggering emotion now, you’ll automatically want to eat something in order to resolve that emotional pain. This occurs with anything stopping you from achieving your goals — even something as simple as an addiction to Amazon. Think about it, if you’re trying to build your wealth, buying everything you see on Amazon won’t help.

Pay attention to any bad habits you want to change. See if there’s a “trigger” for that bad habit. Most likely, there is and you just haven’t noticed it yet. Just becoming aware of that trigger will make it easier to remove that blockage. You’ll just need to be honest with yourself and try not to make excuses for the things you know you want to change.

If you decide to then use subliminal audio to help you lose weight, you may run into extreme reconciliation, or even stonewalling (a complete lack of results). This is what we call “blockages.” Your subconscious is still trying to hold on to those beliefs preventing you from achieving your goal, and as a result, that goal is “blocked.”

You can easily determine if you have blockages regarding a particular goal, and just how severe those blockages are. The next time you’re alone and comfortable, try to vividly imagine how you’d feel when you achieve a goal. For example, if you want to be rich, imagine yourself as a millionaire without a care in the world. If you want better romantic prospects, imagine yourself being with the person of your dreams. If you proceed to feel a sense of fear or doubt, you probably have subconscious blockages regarding that goal.

Also, take note of your internal dialogue — that ever present voice that represents what you’re thinking. When doing this little experiment, if you catch your internal monologue saying things like, “I’ll never be rich,” or “being rich is something that happens to other people,” you have blockages.

The healing scripts in our titles will help remove blockages. These specialized scripts are designed to help you identify these internal issues and help you overcome them. Sometimes, this means taking action, like forgiving someone for hurting you (even if you don’t tell them). Sometimes, it means just listening to the title and allowing the positive subliminal affirmations to do their thing.

Either way, blockages are the main reason why subliminals can take so long to manifest results. So, knowing that, how can you help remove these blockages AND supercharge your results? The answer to both is the same.

Align Your Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind to Boost Subliminal Results

This is the secret to faster results with subliminals. It’s a hard concept to understand, but fairly easy to put into action.

Basically, you need to consciously take steps toward completing the same goals as your subliminal audio stack. Don’t overthink this. Progress is progress. If you’re running a wealth generation subliminal stack, take 30 minutes a day to read up on eCommerce or online business. If you’re running a romance + aura stack, be sure to go out a few times a week — even if it’s just to the grocery store. Be sure to say “hello,” or “smile” at people who interest you.

If you’re listening to a title / stack, but not taking any action whatsoever, it’ll take a very long time to see results. When you ARE taking action, you’re opening “pathways to manifestation” that allows for faster results.

​We know the word “manifestation” sounds a bit new age and esoteric, and it can be. But for those who don’t subscribe to those beliefs, think of it like a raffle. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win. If you’re listening to an attraction sub with an aura, like Love Bomb, the more people you interact with, the more chances you have of success.

Likewise, if you want to manifest money, you need to create opportunities for that money to manifest.

For the skeptics who are claiming that this is just probability playing her hand, when you open more pathways to manifestation, you’ll notice that the amount of “hits” you get is inordinately high. Also, these “hits” tend to be very profound and bewildering. We’re talking about things like the attractive woman you’ve crushed on suddenly wanting to spend alone time with you, or your boss handing you a surprise promotion. Things that are REALLY hard to just hand wave away.

When these things start to happen, try not to dismiss them or them off as “placebo effects.” They aren’t. When you do this, you’ll close yourself off to future results. By recognizing that this is the result of your subconscious mind and conscious mind working together, you’ll speed up the alchemical process.

Sometimes, you’ll experience a hit of euphoria and a mental “buzzing” sensation when results kick in. We call this the “subliminal buzz.” We’re not sure what causes this, but we believe it’s the result of a positive mental connection between the subconscious and conscious minds. Don’t ignore this, and don’t try to hand wave it away. Simply accept it for what it is — a sign that the subliminal is working.

Journaling is also a VERY effective way to get faster results. If you adopt ONE practice from this article, let journaling be it. It’s THAT effective. First, it allows you to easily spot the progression of your growth. It also lets you easily see results.

Each night, set aside time to write down your thoughts and notable events from the day. This helps the healing scripts in your stack work better. Writing helps discharge negative mental and emotional energy, which helps release blockages. You can write your journal online at our Community Forum, or keep an offline journal. Either way is good, as long as you get everything out on paper (or the screen).

Don’t overthink things. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to journal. There’s no “correct” length either. Simply sit down, write and stop whenever you’re ready. If you need help getting started, simply write down “I am,” then write down how you feel and talk about why. Then, write “I am not,” and write about something you’re not happy with and why.

Last, but certainly not least: engage in positive visualization. Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on something negative, try to visualize how you’ll feel when your goals are achieved.

For those who can’t see mental images well, direct your mental voice to talk about positive things, including how you will feel when you achieve your goals. Or, you can create an image board with pictures of what you want to achieve in life. Then, you can spend a few minutes each day looking at it and thinking about how you’d feel when you’ve found success.


So, simply put — our formula for subliminal success is: Listen to subliminals + journal + take action = faster results. You may see other subliminal producers parroting this line, but we were the first to develop this concept. We’ve seen first hand just how effective this strategy is at improving results.

Using this strategy, you can tear through blockages and reinforce all “pathways to manifestation.”

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