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What is the Solace Mask and What Does it Do?

Solace is our exclusive new subliminal mask technology that will change your listening experience. We know that the current “tricking water” mask isn’t the most pleasant to listen to. Since the audio is so “dense,” it can cause ear fatigue – that odd, unpleasant, somewhat physical, somewhat mental sensation that occurs when you’ve been listening to something for too long.

See – a subliminal’s mask has to have enough audio content to sufficiently “mask” the underlying subliminal audio file. Hence, most producers will use white noise, a dense stream sound, ocean waves, etc., as that makes it exceptionally easy to create subliminals with a lot of content. If you try to mask a dense subliminal with a light mask, the resultant file sounds very odd, unnerving and hard to listen to, since you’ll be able to consciously hear the underlying subliminal audio.

Using a number of proprietary processing methods AND harnessing the power of Dolby’s (yes, THAT Dolby) new API, we believe we’ve discovered how to create crystal clear, light and airy subliminals WITHOUT sacrificing power or content. In fact, early observations have shown that Solace produces significantly better results/

Please note that Solace is still an early prototype, and we were reluctant to release it this early. This mask also isn’t final, but it’s an idea of what we’re attempting to accomplish.

Enjoy and have fun!

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