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How Many Loops Should I Listen To (Multiple Titles)?

Note: This article is outdated. There are new, simplified listening instructions HERE. This pattern can be used, however, by advanced users.

Note: This support article is for those who are listening to multiple titles (subliminal stack). Click here for information on listening to a single title.


This is a difficult question to answer. Truth be told, everyone is different, which means your tolerance for more (or less) loops will differ. We also have to consider the make up of your subliminal stack, as well the strength levels of the subliminals in your stack. Experimentation has always been the name of the game at Subliminal Club, so we can’t give you a hard number and say, “this will work for EVERYONE.” What we can do is give you a set of guidelines to start with and encourage you to visit our forum at Subliminal Results to discuss your stack and get recommendations from our friendly, experienced user base.

First, we recommend that everyone START with Q-strength titles, regardless of your experience with other producers. Our subliminals are different from any you’ve ever used before, meaning you can’t rely on past subliminal use to guide you with our titles. Terminus and Terminus Squared are for advanced users. Technically, they are stronger, but remember, stronger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to subliminals. We know the lure of “MORE POWER” is appealing, but you HAVE to trust us — if you don’t have at least a year under your belt with our titles, do not build a stack based on Terminus or Terminus Squared. You won’t get the results you want. Q-strength provides consistent results and an easier listening schedule.

Next, we recommend that you stack a maximum of three major titles, plus one Ultima (if used as a booster). If you’re using an Ultima as a major title (for example, listening to Beyond Limitless Ultima in the same way as you’d listen to Limitless), that will take up the spot of one of your major titles. To illustrate:

Three major titles, plus one Ultima as a booster
Two major titles, one Ultima used as a major title, plus one Ultima as a booster

Please refrain from attempting to “cheat” these recommendations. Don’t try and use an Ultima as a major title one day, booster as the next day as an attempt to skirt the recommendations (unless you’re experimenting and you’re aware of the potential pitfalls).

Then, you’ll need to choose a “dominant” subliminal — this is the title that you’re the most aligned with. This title will receive the most exposure, so make sure it’s the one that serves as the “driver” in your life. For example, if your stack is designed to improve your career aspects, your dominant subliminal would be the one that contains the goals that’ll get you there quicker.

For Q-Strength Subliminal Stacks:

You’ll be listening to your dominant subliminal on every active listening day, with the others being swapped out. This will occur for five days, then you’ll take two days to rest and process. Do NOT skip the rest days. They are absolutely essential for success, even if you think you can “handle” more and you’re not experiencing any negative effects from skipping them. Rest days allow your brain to focus solely on processing and integrating the script.

We recommend creating five playlists in your audio player and naming them “Day 1,” “Day 2,” “Day 3,” “Day 4,” and “Day 5.” You can start your cycle on any day of the week. “Day 1,” does NOT have to represent Monday. For example, you can start on Wednesday and end on Sunday, or start Friday (meaning the cycle will end on Tuesday). Just run the five days in sequence and then take two rest days. If you’re only listening to two titles, then simply add 3 loops of each title to every day and you’re done!

If you’re listening to three titles, however, add two to three loops of your dominant subliminal to every day. Then, add 2-3 loops of one of your secondary titles to days 1 and 3. Add 2-3 loops of the other secondary title to days 2 and 4. So, if our hypothetical stack consists of: Emperor (dominant title), Limitless (first secondary), and Regeneration (remaining secondary), your schedule looks something like the following:

Day 1: Emperor (2x), Limitless (2x), Optional Ultima (1x)
Day 2: Emperor (2x), Regeneration (2x), Optional Ultima (1x)
Day 3: Emperor (2x), Limitless (2x), Optional Ultima (1x)
Day 4: Emperor (2x), Regeneration (2x), Optional Ultima (1x)

Alternative schedule for those with more listening time, or desiring more exposure:

Day 1: Emperor (2x), Limitless (2x), Regeneration (1x), Optional Ultima (1x)
Day 2: Emperor (2x), Regeneration (2x), Limitless (1x), Optional Ultima (1x)
Day 3: Emperor (2x), Limitless (2x), Regeneration (1x), Optional Ultima (1x)
Day 4: Emperor (2x), Regeneration (2x), Limitless (1x), Optional Ultima (1x)

On Day 5, you’ll want to do 2-3 loops of your dominant title, plus 1-2 loops of your secondary titles. To illustrate using our sample stack:

Day 5: Emperor (2x), Limitless (2x), Regeneration (2x)

You can play around with the exposures to fit your needs. For example, if increased learning potential is more important than emotional healing, you could do something like these:

Day 5: Emperor (2x), Limitless (3x), Regeneration (1x)
Day 5: Emperor (2x), Limitless (4x)

After listening for five days, make sure you take your rest days. On your rest days, avoid all subliminal stimulus, even Ultimas. Again, you can experiment if you’d like, but please maintain either an offline journal, a journal at SubliminalResults.com or both in order to help you see how you’re being affected by your stack.

It really is that simple. Keep in mind that running multiple titles takes much more time for you to start getting results. You’ll experience the acute results almost immediately, but the deep change happens later. You may go through a period where you feel you aren’t “seeing” results and will want to adjust your listening pattern. Please resist the urge to skip the rest days. If anything, modify the day 5 exposure / listening pattern. That way, you can “jolt” the brain into showing you results against. Rest assured, even if you don’t feel anything, you’re still processing and integrating the stack.

For Terminus and Terminus Squared Subliminal Stacks:

We currently don’t have recommendations for Terminus and Terminus Squared stacks, as these are still experimental. The only guidance we can give is to please be careful with these titles. You can try running the same listening pattern as Q-strength stacks, just with lowered exposure. Limit exposure to any Terminus (and ESPECIALLY) Terminus Squared titles to two loops per day. Also consider adding another rest day on either day 2 or day 4. Again, be careful with these titles.

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