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LEGACY: How Many Loops Should I Listen To (Single Title)?

Note: This article is outdated. There are new, simplified listening instructions HERE. This pattern can be used, however, by advanced users.

Note: This support article is for those who are listening to a single title. Click here for instructions on listening to multiple titles.


This is a difficult question to answer. Truth be told, everyone is different, which means your tolerance for more (or less) loops will differ. We also have to consider the make up of your subliminal stack, as well as which strengths you’re using. Experimentation has always been the name of the game at Subliminal Club, so we can’t give you a hard number and say, “this will work for EVERYONE.” What we can do is give you a set of guidelines to start with and encourage you to visit our forum at Subliminal Results to discuss your stack and get recommendations from our friendly, experienced user base.

First, we recommend that everyone START with Q-strength subliminals, regardless of your experience with other producers. Our subliminals are different from any you’ve ever used before. You can’t rely on past subliminal use to guide you here. Terminus and Terminus Squared are for advanced users. Technically, they are stronger, but remember, stronger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to subliminals. We know the lure of “MORE POWER” is appealing, but you HAVE to trust us — if you don’t have at least a year under your belt with our titles, do not build a stack based on Terminus or Terminus Squared. You won’t get the results you want. Q-strength provides consistent results and an easy listening schedule.

For Q-strength Subliminals

You’ll want to listen to 2-6 hours per day for five days before taking two days off for processing. So, if you listen Monday – Friday, take Saturday and Sunday off. If you listen Sunday – Thursday, take Friday and Saturday off, and so forth. Do NOT skip these two rest days. Like going to the gym, your mind needs time to relax and process the subliminal scripting. Skipping these rest days can result in overload (fatigue and headaches), stonewalling (a total lack of results), or reconciliation (emotional turmoil associated with integrating the subliminal input with your current beliefs).

If this is your first time using one of our titles, start with two loops per day. Increase to 2-4 loops per day the following week. If you begin to experience overload, stonewalling or reconciliation, drop down a loop until you start receiving results again.

If you’re fine at 2-4 loops, increase to 4-6 loops. Again, if you begin to experience overload, stonewalling or reconciliation, drop down a loop until you’re able to run the subliminal again without negative effects. If you can tolerate it, you can test 6-8 loops, though we wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re listening while sleeping (which comes with problems on its own).

Eventually, you’ll be able to determine how many loops you can run without having negative side effects.

For Terminus Strength Subliminals

Terminus strength titles are no joke. Do not attempt to brute force your mind into submission using Terminus strength. It most likely won’t work. Also, you need to have a keen awareness of your internal state before using Terminus. By this, we mean that you should be able to identify exactly which of your issues are being dealt with. If you’re still getting “tricked” by reconciliation, you shouldn’t use Terminus. Reconciliation is a tricky phenomenon — your subconscious will often take some odd measures to avoid the change the subliminal attempts to cause. For example, if you’ve been getting results and suddenly, you think you’ve hit a “plateau” and you have a strong urge to quit the sub and you actually quit, you’re NOT ready for Terminus. If you’ve been getting results and you suddenly want to quit our titles and move to another producer, you are NOT ready for Terminus.

Do not lie to yourself in an attempt to get faster results. If you’re not ready for Terminus strength subs, using them will actually slow down your progress. If you’re not ready, you’re simply not ready.

If you feel you’re ready, or you want to experiment, start with ONE LOOP A DAY for a week and follow the same listening pattern as Q-strength. Five days on, two days off. Why? Terminus (and Terminus Squared) seems to have a “build up” effect, almost as if the subconscious can’t integrate the subliminal fast enough, and part of the scripting goes into a “process buffer,” or “queue” where it awaits processing. Even if you don’t feel or sense anything in the first few days of running the title, the “buffer” may still be building up. When there’s too much buildup, odd things begin to happen on Terminus. Some people stonewall. Some people begin experiencing incredible reconciliation. Others will experience crazy overload and have a hard time speaking and thinking. Some unfortunate individuals will experience all of the above at once. It’s not a pleasant experience. Avoid this by starting with one loop a day.

If after a week, you haven’t experienced any of the above, switch to two loops every other day. This means, two loops on Monday, skip Tuesday. Two loops on Wednesday, skip Thursday, and so forth. If you’re getting good results and you want to try more exposure, add an extra loop twice a week. So, Three loops on Monday, skip Tuesday. Two loops on Wednesday, skip Thursday. Three loops on Friday, skip Saturday, and so forth.

If you’re still doing good after a few weeks, you can add another set of loops, but try to balance the load evenly. For example, don’t do seven loops on Monday and two loops on your other listening days. Distribute the loops across the listening days as much as possible. We believe the “sweet spot” will most likely occur around three loops every other day.

If you’re still not getting results, visit the Subliminal Results forum (preferred, as you’ll get advice from everyone and add to the collective knowledge of the company) or contact support. We’ll be glad to make recommendations.

For Terminus Squared Subliminals

Where to start? Terminus Squared has confounded the majority of our users. We know Terminus Squared is a viable subliminal delivery system, as users generally begin to experience exceptionally vivid dreams, as well as odd side effects like “time loops.” That being said, Terminus Squared itself is for the most advanced of users, OR if you’re willing to experiment. Do NOT run a Terminus Squared title, and then message support (or visit the forum) claiming that our titles do not work. If it’s “not working for you,” that means you aren’t ready for it, period. We don’t mean to be harsh, but people tend to overestimate their own abilities when it comes to these strengths, so we’re setting expectations in stone.

And here’s that recommendation: Terminus Squared is most likely not for you.

Based on our latest research, it’s most likely for those who have run a particular title for 6-8 months and the subliminal scripting has become “normalized.” By this, we mean that you don’t experience reconciliation as much because there isn’t much to reconcile. Even if you haven’t achieved the subliminal’s target goal (since manifestation takes some time), you have integrated the programming enough that you can envision a future where you have achieved the target goal without feeling anxiety or doubt. At that point, Terminus Squared becomes extremely effective, because you can accelerate the alchemical process without causing the aforementioned “buffer overload.”

You’ll want to start with one loop every other day for three sets of listening days, then take two days off. For example: One loop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then take two days off. If you start getting negative side effects, take it down to one loop every three days. If you’re getting good results, add another set of loops, but just like Terminus, try to balance the load evenly. With Terminus Squared, you MUST take the rest days. We do not recommend going over three loops per day, and even that may be too much.

For Ultima Titles

Ultima titles are boosters, but many of them — like Beyond Limitless — can be run as a major subliminal. These titles are exceptionally powerful. Start with one loop in the morning and one loop in the afternoon. Careful, Ultima titles can cause restlessness and insomnia. If you CAN run them at night without issues, run 2-3 loops overnight. They’re best used during the day, however.


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