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How Does The Custom Process Work?

Here’s the basics:

1: Highlight the “Build Custom” menu and click “License Modules.” Browse the website and add any module that you desire to have in your subliminal that fits your goals. You can include up to 20 modules for Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared powered-subliminals and up to 6 modules for an Ultima-powered custom subliminal.

Note: Once you’ve licensed a module, you can use it in as many builds as you like. You won’t have to re-license a module to use it in multiple custom subliminals.

2: Once you’ve selected your desired modules, click the “Build Title” menu item. It’s located under the “Build Custom” subheading. Fill out the form with your desired options.

  • Name: Enter the name that you MOST identify with. For most people, this is just your first name. Some may prefer a nickname, but please be careful — make sure this is a name you strongly identify with. Your surname / last name is not necessary.
  • Build Type: Choose between Q, Terminus, Terminus Squared or Ultima. Make sure you read the two linked articles above to learn the differences.
  • Delivery Speed: Standard delivery speed is 3-5 business days. Our business hours are 9a-6p M-F. You may receive your order on a weekend depending on workload. Expedited Delivery is 1 day delivery, GUARANTEED. Weekends included.

3: Your custom subliminal will be delivered via email from “quintessence@subliminalclub.com” within 3-5 business days unless you choose the expedited delivery option.

Click here to visit the Q Custom store. If you need more help, please feel free to submit a ticket, or ask our friendly community at Subliminal Results.

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