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Is “Mind Control” Possible With Subliminal Audio?

Please be advised that the contents of this article are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The views and opinions expressed herein reflect the perspective of Subliminal Club and should not be interpreted as professional medical guidance. If you have any questions or concerns about your health or the potential impact of subliminal audio, it is imperative to reach out to a qualified medical practitioner.

Absolutely not, especially with our titles — given the amount of “free will” scripting we include (more on that later).

This comes from a gross misunderstanding of what a subliminal title is and how it works. Our titles, especially, do not consist of subliminal “programming.” It is an audio file with subliminalized suggestions.

Yes, some will explain subconscious processes as a “program,” but this is a euphemism. It’s generally used just to quickly simplify the concept down to a digestible bite. It doesn’t actually operate as a “program” in the sense you’re used to seeing.

A program executes its instructions, without fail, the exact same way over and over. When you load your favorite app on your phone, or load up your favorite Call of Duty game, you know exactly what to expect, because it’s going to be the EXACT same experience (unless they update the app or change the UI, etc. but you get the point).

The program cannot “interpret” its underlying code and then modify it to perform different based upon some sort of conflict between what it’s been programmed to do and what it “wants” to do. When a program steps out of the bounds of its programming, it crashes. It shuts itself off. The Call of Duty game will not change your settings — turning off the violence, for example — because some inexplicable, inner mechanism within the program has a conscious moral objection to depicting violence.

A subliminal suggestion is just that — a suggestion. One that’s interpreted by the mind and then acted upon or rejected by the conscious mind. The critical mind always has the choice to say “no,” and through repeated habit of saying no (or yes, whichever fits) the subconscious mind is conditioned to transform.

The subconscious and the conscious minds do not “override” each other — they inform one another and attempt to work in harmony. You can see this concept play out in everyday life, when you’re trying to exercise, for example and using your conscious mind, you attempt to exert will power over the subconscious impulse to watch television instead.

This is why we always promote taking action when running your subliminal stack. It is NOT the subliminal that changes your behavior, it is the harmonious interaction between conscious effort and subconscious impulse that causes the change. Anyone claiming that they can make subliminal titles that can manifest results without taking action is being misleading, or worse — creating titles that could have odd effects.

There are NO known valid conceptions of the mind — the both conscious and subconscious minds — in which an individual’s subconscious mind can be “programmed” to force an individual to take an action. Any speculation on the part is simply that, speculation. Let’s first address the elephant in the room. MKUltra.

Individuals who want to promote the notion of subliminal “mind control” will often bring the MKUltra experiments up as “proof.” But again, this is a caused by a lack of understanding about what MK Ultra actually did.

From Wikipedia:

MKUltra used numerous methods to manipulate its subjects’ mental states and brain functions, such as the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals without the subjects’ consent, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, and other forms of torture.

According to the 20,000 documents released on MKUltra, the victims would be administered MASSIVE amounts of mind-altering substances (like LSD, opioids, THC and a synthetic hallucinogenic drug named BZ) alongside things like electroshocks to achieve their end goal.

We can stop here. Nothing about this is “subliminal.” The two concepts are so intrinsically different that there’s no logical comparisons to be made. That being said, one can easily see the amount of pressure that must be placed on the mind for an external force to exert “control.” If subliminal audio was able to “control” an individual’s mind, the CIA (who I assure you, probably has more resources than us) wouldn’t have needed to go through all of this. And, MKUltra was largely labeled a failure.

While MKUltra occurred around 1953, the notion of subliminal stimulation was already known. And in 1957, an individual named James Vicary claimed he had the ability to influence moviegoers by quickly flashing “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” on the screen — which increased sales. The problem is, Vicary later admitted to faking the “scientific test” to help his marketing business.

In fact, the BBC later conducted a study of their own, following the same techniques that Vicary claimed to use and found no significant effect.

So, what does modern subliminal influence look like? Product placement in movies. Notice how the James Bond movies each feature a different car by a different brand, and you get to see him do death defying jumps and crazy tricks, etc. in these beautiful cars. Companies pay an incredible amount of money for their cars to be featured.

According to Motor Trend, Jaguar Land Rover provided 77 cars for “Skyfall” to appear on screen and for production support.

This is for movie goers to associate adventurous, exciting emotions with their brands. And while many may argue the morality of this, it is still not “control.” You still have the conscious ability to choose another car when shopping for a new one.

Many of our competitors put “anti-piracy” scripting in their titles. We do not, our titles do not have any such influences and the name “Subliminal Club” or any of our properties are NEVER mentioned. Why? None of this works. As much as the producers claim their programs are protected by “anti-piracy,” their programs are very much pirated and based on the level of said piracy, those individuals are not suddenly turning into paid customers.

You cannot, through subliminal audio suggestions, compel an individual to do something they don’t want to do. This is why many struggle with romance and money titles. While they may consciously WANT more romantic encounters or make more money, there are subconscious traumatic experiences that prevents them from doing so. And so, they simply ignore or stonewall the script.

There’s no such thing as a subliminal being “too powerful” in terms of listening to one and turning into an automaton, blindly following the suggestions without conscious input. We consider this idea disrespectful to the high amount individuals who get results on our titles. These people are entrepreneurs, professionals, mindful individuals who are extremely self-aware. To claim that they don’t understand their own minds and the individual who is making conspiratorial claims knows better somehow is insulting.

Everyone is on their own journey, and no one has the right to tell you that you’re imagining achieving your goals and you’re somehow instead being “mind controlled” into thinking you got that recent promotion, or met that new special someone.

We’ve noticed that when individuals are making claims — which is exceedingly rare anyway — they’re attempting to cover up a part of their own personality that they don’t want to address, or they are not of sound mind and body (a requirement for using our titles, one that we enforce).

For example, one individual began claiming such things when they were running a program designed to increase romantic interactions  (and was getting incredible results) and said they suddenly “felt an astrological influence,” later suggesting that our titles contained, and I quote: “astrological sign changing.”

What exactly is astrological sign changing, and how exactly would someone put that in a subliminal title? What exactly would be changing the users sign to? Why would we even need to do such a thing, if it were even possible? Everyone can get romantic encounters, is the suggestion here that “one sign” is capable of getting more romantic encounters than another?

Doesn’t it make more sense that the reason they were successful on the title is that there’s something within them that is indeed desirable to women?

In an attempt to hide from the fact that they are secretly interested in astrology (as the individual claims to be very religious), their narrative became one of “mind control” and “occult influences.”

Nope. Just an expertly and carefully developed scriptwriting process that’s been influenced over six years by the amazing feedback from our community. That’s the real secret to our success: we’ve cultivated an incredible community of like-minded individuals who reports their results. Since we have a lot of experience with finding patterns in data, we have the very unique ability to dive into what appears to be random information and create a message from a mystery.

If you’d spend over six years focusing on one thing, everyday for most of the day, whatever that “thing” is would be just as incredible. That’s what we’ve done. Subliminal audio and inner cultivation is our lives. We spend ALL day reading, researching, discussing, meditating and learning about this topic. You mix that dedication with an incredible customer community and what you have will indeed look like magic.

But it’s not. We use the same process that big tech companies use to create products: Create, test, get feedback, create new iteration based off that feedback. It’s how we know our products are safe and that they will work. We take tiny, tiny footsteps to move forward, as those tiny footsteps soon end up with us walking a mile — hand in hand with our customers.

And from another article, regarding our free will scripting:

“What’s really cool about our titles is that we include what we call “free will” scripting. It’s all about encouraging you to respect not just the free will of others, but also your own freedom of choice. This special scripting nudges you to express the scripting in the way that’s best for you. That’s why even if everyone listened to the same title, each person would have a unique takeaway. For instance, if everyone listened to “Love Bomb for Humanity,” sure, they’d likely all start to appreciate people more. But the way they show that appreciation, and how others react to them, that’s gonna be different for each person.”

We always say that you “can’t hide from Zero Point.” When we say this, we’re not referring to the subliminal build. We’re referring to the fact that YOU and your deepest desires are the Zero Point and if you’re using a title designed to reveal the “real you,” it’s going to do just that. If you run a title like Genesis and discover a talent or desire that you didn’t know about, Genesis didn’t “put” it there. It was there all along, and the scripting designed for you to discover what you want in life helped you bring it to the surface. Now, it’s your time to deal with it. If it’s something you consciously find undesirable, delve deep into the self to discover why it’s there, why you’re desiring it and why you consciously find it undesirable. For those of sound mind, take a look at the concept of shadow work (and how journaling can help with this).

We’ve also addressed whether or not subliminal audio is addictive on another support article (click here to read). If you are of sound mind, quitting a subliminal is easy. Simply stop running it. Or, simply cut back on exposure and continue to do so week by week until you’ve stopped. In between each listening session, add more time. Instead of listening every few days, listen once a week. Also, if you’re listening to a full 15-minute loop, you can try 7 minutes the next time, then 3 minutes and then 30 seconds until you’ve stopped.

If you are unsure (in the slightest) if you are of sound mind, please contact a qualified mental health practitioner before using ANY subliminal audio, hypnosis, EFT, etc. We believe that the most basic of “inner work” is simply having a professional to talk with. In many jurisdictions, these professionals are bound by law to patient-client confidentiality, meaning they would be held responsible if they ever told what you said to them to another person and you found out.

Until we’ve seen sufficient, logical evidence to suggest otherwise, we will continue to maintain that “mind control” with subliminal audio is impossible.

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