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Introduction to Zero Point

Zero Point marks a turning point not only in regards to our titles, but the subliminal audio industry as a whole. It represents the culmination of years of research and customer feedback, illustrating what can happen when the line between company owner and customer is blurred, allowing those who patronize a business to also act as a stakeholder in its growth.

We listened to every complaint and desire our customers had: the difficulty of having to listen to your stack for hours at the time, with definitive but nebulous results, and focused all of our efforts on alleviating those issues.

First, came the Solace project, where we created a mask that was much easier on the ears — one you wouldn’t mind listening to for hours at the time. Then, came our efforts to certify headphones and earbuds based on ease of use.

Long listening times was the only issue that remained. When we started developing Zero Point, the goal was to achieve 30 minute loops. One of our co-founders threw out the idea of 15 minute loops, and everyone else in the company thought it would be impossible to reach that without compromising the user’s results.

Turns out, the solution was right in front of our eyes the entire time, but since we all doubted, we were unable to see it. Needless to say, we figured it out.

Enter Zero Point: where you can enjoy 15 minute loops and get good results with just ONE loop every other day. That’s right. One loop. 15 minutes. 

It sounds unbelievable — we know that. But, Zero Point was extensively tested by over 40 individuals, a large block of which are long-term forum members who volunteered to try it. And when you give it a try, you’ll see what everyone’s so hyped about, as Zero Point will now set the standard for what subliminal audio can achieve.

So, this article is to give you a heads up on what to expect when running a Zero Point title, especially during the “Zero Point Preview,” essentially a soft launch of the new technology. We upgraded a small number of our catalog to Zero Point for the community to test and give feedback on.

Given that ZP isn’t quite finished, we expect to discover more ways to optimize the tech before the full launch, but we believe you’ll be surprised and pleased.

How Does Zero Point Work?

I know what you’re thinking. For ZP to work so well, there has to be some “funny business” going on, right? Not at all. While we aren’t going to give up trade secret, we can attest that Zero Point is not only safer than other subliminal scripting and build methods, but it’s also more moral and ethical.

That’s because the unique way ZP is scripted removes the script’s author from the equation as much as possible. You no longer have to worry about whether the script is attempting to instill beliefs that aren’t aligned with who you want to be (though we’ve always tried to avoid that). While other producers create programs with static affirmations that aren’t open to interpretation (a form of control, honestly), ZP scripts engages the subconscious in a dialogue of sorts — a conversation. Now, the title you’re running is more of a trusted friend or advisor, allowing you to choose how you want to respond or operate without feeling pushed into action.

This is one of the reasons why we say Zero Point “pushes reality through you.” Other scripting modalities attempts to brute force your subconscious into submission, hence the need for hours and hours of listening. That “brute forcing” results in hardcore reconciliation and stonewalling for the truly resistant types. Instead, Zero Point initiates INSPIRED ACTION, as if your best, most trusted friend gave you amazing advice that you can act on.

Inspired action is the BEST form of action, as it’s something you want to do with all your heart, rather than a feeling that you MUST act, even if it’s not necessarily in line with what you want. As a result, Zero Point causes MUCH less recon (but we’ll touch on that in a moment).

Either way, it’s a drastic change in the way we approach scripting — and of course, that’s not the ONLY way it works. It is, however, the most important to you, the end user. If you want to be authentically you, Zero Point can very much help you achieve that.

How Does Zero Point Feel?

For the most part, ZP titles are much easier to run. First, there’s the 15 minute runtime in the Solace format, which sounds amazing on any headset, but when paired with earbuds that support a transparent mode or social mode, is almost unnoticeable.

Reconciliation is greatly reduced, and when you do experience it, the intensity is much lower than what you’ve experienced on non-ZP titles. Testing reports showed that on ZP titles, recon would last for a short amount of time, a few hours at the most, before passing just as quickly as it came.

Zero Point also has an energizing effect on some, and a calming effect on others — hence why you must not listen before driving, operating machinery, or entering any situation where safety is an issue. Learn more about that HERE, on the “listening instructions” article. Please read it, as it’s integral to using ZP successfully.

There’s also the “Zero Point Perceptual Shift” that many testers experienced. It’s a profound, but sometimes subtle shift in how you perceive the world around you, and it usually occurs about 15-20 minutes into your stack (for those listening to multiple titles). Everyone will express how it feels differently, but the main gist is this: You become acutely aware of your own inner strength, will and how you are the center of your personal reality rather than your environment asserting its will on you. This can cause a cognitive shift inward as you explore the connection between your mental landscape and the environments you inhabit.

This is why, when selecting which ZP titles to run, that you are completely honest with yourself and what you want in life. We call this congruence. The more congruent you are with a title, the faster your results. Now, here’s the thing: even if you’re incongruent, you’ll still get amazing results, but on a different level. That’s because Zero Point scripts are adaptive, meaning they adjust to your deepest, truest desires to manifest results that are completely inline with what you want and need. Every person who runs a Zero Point title will have a different journey. Of course, there will be similarities, but everyone will experience a ZP title differently. Different, but still profound and still rewarding.

What About Stonewallers?

Zero Point is the first build we’ve tested that can breakthrough the mental defenses stonewallers have thrown up. In our tests, 75% of the stonewallers who tried a ZP title indicated that they could feel the effects and got results, although the chance for recon was a bit higher for these individuals. This means that we’re one step closer to figuring out what causes stonewalling and how to make titles that can help fuel positive change in those who experience it.

Does Zero Point Play Well With Qv2?

Yes, it does — when you lower the amount of exposure to Qv2 titles. Zero Point has an inherent “results boosting” effect, most likely from the intense inward focus, which means you can get the same (or better) results from a Qv2 title or custom with significantly less loops.

Follow the listening pattern guide closely when blending the two. This “results boosting” effect can also cause increased recon and side effects. And please do NOT run the ZP version and the Qv2 version of the same title (for example, don’t stack Wanted ZP and Wanted Qv2). This can lead to very harsh reconciliation, and you wouldn’t get nearly as much benefit as you’d think anyway. If you have a Qv2 custom with a CORE, you can run it with the ZP equivalent as long as the custom doesn’t consist of just the name embedded core and a few other modules.

Anything Else?

We’ll expand this article more as the Zero Point Preview continues and we receive more questions from our customers, but for now, please follow the safety instructions on this page, and enjoy the journey.

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