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  4. New Listening Pattern: How Many Loops Should I Listen To (Single and Multiple Titles)

New Listening Pattern: How Many Loops Should I Listen To (Single and Multiple Titles)


Qv2 and Ultima v2 powered titles have proven to be incredibly strong and potent, capable of achieving incredible results with less exposure and in a shorter amount of time. As such, we have thoroughly researched and tested different listening patterns and discovered that the instructions in this post not only optimizes results, but simplifies the listening experience. With less listening time needed to get results, you can spend more of your day taking action toward your goals.

Just like the legacy instructions (single titles / multiple titles), we recommend that everyone START with Q-strength subliminals, regardless of your experience with other producers. Our subliminals are different from any you’ve ever used before. You can’t rely on past subliminal use to guide you here.

Terminus and Terminus Squared are for advanced users. Technically, they are stronger, but remember, stronger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to subliminals. We know the lure of “MORE POWER” is appealing, but you HAVE to trust us — if you don’t have at least a year under your belt with our titles, do not build a stack based on Terminus or Terminus Squared. You won’t get the results you want. Qv2 and Ultima v2-powered provides consistent results and a VERY simplified listening schedule.

For Q-Strength / Qv2 Subliminals

The new listening schedule is EXTREMELY simple for beginners. Listen to ONE loop, per title, per day, then take the next day off. That’s it. To illustrate:

  • Monday: Listen
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Listen
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Listen
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Listen
  • Following Monday: Rest
  • Following Tuesday: Listen
  • … and so forth.

Each day, you may listen to three major titles + one Ultima v2-powered title if you’re using it as a booster. If you consider yourself a more advanced user (meaning, you have 1+ years of subliminal use under your belt and you’re happy with the results you’re getting), you can still use the legacy instructions, which allows for more versatility in utilizing your stack. OR, you may add an additional loop of a title each listening day.

Getting More Exposure

You can use a title rotation strategy to get extra exposure to the titles in your stack. We’ll illustrate what this means using an example stack of StarkQ, Mind’s Eye, Power Can Corrupt and a booster of Limitless Executive Ultima.

  • Monday:
    • (1x) StarkQ, Mind’s Eye
    • (2x) Power Can Corrupt
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Tuesday:
    • Rest Day
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Wednesday:
    • (1x) StarkQ, Power Can Corrupt
    • (2x) Mind’s Eye
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Thursday:
    • Rest Day
    • (1x) Limitless Executive
  • Friday:
    • (1x) Power Can Corrupt, Mind’s Eye
    • (2x) StarkQ
    • (1x) Limitless Executive

Notice that all we’re doing is rotating which title gets two loops per day instead of one. Note, do NOT listen to an Ultima v2-powered title for more than 1 loop if you’re using it as a “booster.” If you do, this is long-term programming / a major title, NOT a booster.

Qv2 and Ultima v2 has proven to be much more powerful than we anticipated, and this listening pattern is designed to take that into account. With Qv2 and Ultima v2, rest days are ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE for success, hence the break every other day.

If you begin to experience profound reconciliation or stonewalling, feel free to add more rest days between listening sessions. If more rest days doesn’t help and reconciliation / stonewalling lasts for more than 7-10 days, consider taking a subliminal washout.

Using Ultima v2 as a Booster vs Long-Term Programming

We’ve received a lot of questions about using Ultima-powered titles as a “booster” versus long-term programming. If you’re using an Ultima-powered title as long-term programming, it counts as one of your three major titles.

We’ll use The Executive to illustrate the difference between a booster and long-term programming: If you listen to it at one loop per day for a temporary productivity boost, this is correctly using it as a booster. If you are listening for more than 1 loop/day in an attempt to permanently enhance productivity, this is running the title as long-term programming. Please do not play “lawyer games” with the instructions to skirt the rules and attempt to exposure yourself to more loops as you’ll only diminish your results.

As illustrated above, you CAN listen to 1 loop of an Ultima v2-powered subliminal on your rest days, but only if you’re using them as a BOOSTER. By this, we mean you can listen on your rest days only if you’re doing 1 loop per day on all your other days also. Do not use an Ultima v2-powered subliminal as long-term processing on Monday by listening to two or more loops, then attempt to do one loop as a “booster” on Tuesday, when in actuality, you’re simply attempting to get more exposure as long-term programming.

Again, and we cannot stress this enough: Please do not play “lawyer games” with the instructions to skirt the rules and attempt to exposure yourself to more loops as you’ll only diminish your results.

Can I Have a Stack of ALL Ultima v2 Titles?

Yes. Follow the same instructions as Qv2 above.

For Terminus and Terminus Squared Titles

Terminus strength titles are no joke. Do not attempt to brute force your mind into submission using Terminus strength. It most likely won’t work. Also, you need to have a keen awareness of your internal state before using Terminus. By this, we mean that you should be able to identify exactly which of your issues are being dealt with. If you’re still getting “tricked” by reconciliation, you shouldn’t use Terminus. Reconciliation is a tricky phenomenon — your subconscious will often take some odd measures to avoid the change the subliminal attempts to cause. For example, if you’ve been getting results and suddenly, you think you’ve hit a “plateau” and you have a strong urge to quit the sub and you actually quit, you’re NOT ready for Terminus. If you’ve been getting results and you suddenly want to quit our titles and move to another producer, you are NOT ready for Terminus.

Do not lie to yourself in an attempt to get faster results. If you’re not ready for Terminus strength subs, using them will actually slow down your progress. If you’re not ready, you’re simply not ready.

The simplified Terminus and Terminus Squared listening pattern is similar to the Qv2 pattern, except you’ll take more rest days in between each listening session. Start with ONE LOOP every two days, followed by two rest days. For example:

  • Monday: Listen
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Listen
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Listen
  • Following Monday: Rest
  • Following Tuesday: Rest

… and so forth. Terminus (and Terminus Squared) seems to have a “build up” effect, almost as if the subconscious can’t integrate the subliminal fast enough, and part of the scripting goes into a “process buffer,” or “queue” where it awaits processing. Even if you don’t feel or sense anything in the first few days of running the title, the “buffer” may still be building up. When there’s too much buildup, odd things begin to happen on Terminus. Some people stonewall. Some people begin experiencing incredible reconciliation. Others will experience crazy overload and have a hard time speaking and thinking. Some unfortunate individuals will experience all of the above at once. It’s not a pleasant experience.


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