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How “It Could’ve Happened Without the Sub” Hurts Your Results

“That could’ve happened without the sub, though.”

This is a line we commonly see on our community forum, Subliminal Results. You might’ve even thought it yourself when you’ve received a result from one of our titles. We understand the desire for a pragmatic, skeptical approach toward analyzing the progress you’ve made on one of our titles, but unfortunately, this particular line of thought is one of the most restrictive mindsets you can hold, preventing you from getting better results and even worse, turning you into a stonewaller (making it exceptionally hard to ever receive results again).


When you run a subliminal, you’re attempting to detach your subconscious mind the life you live in the past and train it to serve as a map into an unknown future. By that definition, the results you receive will manifest in largely unexpected ways. This process doesn’t occur overnight, however. There’s a “snowball” effect to the manifestation of results. First, results are small, sometimes a bit insignificant — like, catching a person you find attractive who normally wouldn’t pay you any attention staring a bit longer than normal and flashing a smile. Over time, these velocity in which these events occur as well as the intensity of each occurrence would increase until one day, you find yourself wrapped up in the arms of your dream partner.

However, when that first, “small result” happens, if you immediately think “it could’ve happened without the sub” in an attempt to be “objective,” you’re actually continuing to live in the past both emotionally and mentally, short-circuiting what the subliminal and your mind is attempting to achieve. You’re subjecting the subliminal to a no-win scenario, expecting it to produce results that are impossible in your current reality and dismissing whatever small results it does manage to produce.

Those living in poverty or debt shouldn’t expect a wealth-based title to help you manifest a million dollars overnight, even those built in Zero Point, our exceptionally powerful subliminal build method. Right now, those individuals completely lack the mindset and manifestation abilities (and we’re using manifestation in a broad term, encompassing both conscious effort and subconscious processes) to that off. This is why we say that small internal changes, small external changes, reconciliation and dreams are results. By the time something reaches your conscious mind — a thought, an emotion, an intuition or observation — you’ve already experienced deep subconscious change. Reconciliation means that your subconscious has already started the process of change and is communicating the fact that change is often hard and painful in the one of the ways it can: emotions.

Small results means that the change within YOU has completed and is now radiating outward into your reality. When you say, “it could’ve happened without the sub,” you’re not only consciously shutting down that process, you’re also creating new pathways in your brain that will automatically shutdown results in the future without you even realizing it’s happening. You have, in effect, creating a new limiting belief that subliminals won’t have an effect on you. After doing this for some time, you’ll feel nothing at all when running a subliminal — not even reconciliation — a phenomenon we call stonewalling.

Stonewallers (or hard gainers) have literally rewired their brains through repetitions of disbelief (or some kind of emotional trauma unrelated to subliminals) to simply ignore the subliminal stimuli. By this, we mean they’ve created a physical pathway in their brain that somehow blocks the input from the subliminal audio. Remember, every action you take, every thought you have creates neural networks and pathways in the brain. Every time you question a result with this particular line of reasoning, you create a pathway that leads to the subliminal failing.

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you don’t critically analyze your results. We maintain an entire forum for this purpose. What we’re suggesting is not to dismiss the little results as “it could’ve been something other than the sub.” Ancient mental alchemists were taught not to “lust for results” after performing an alchemical practice. They taught themselves to let go and not worry or think about results in a critical manner while trying to manifest it, as they knew the conscious mind was notorious for short-circuiting anything they were working on. After the result manifested, they would then document it in a journal to solidify it occurred. Think about all that’s happening in this scenario:

They perform an alchemical practice, like deep meditation until they reach a trance-like state, while holding an intent to manifest something. This process is very similar to listening to a subliminal. The meditation they undertook bypassed the conscious mind, just as subliminals are attempting to do.

Once they finished the practice, they simply lived their lives and took action toward their goals without constantly wondering when or if the manifestation would occur. This is the same thing we’ve always told our customers — take action and let the results flow. Why? By constantly expecting a result, you’re essentially restricting the expression of the result to that of past pathways, and again, you’re running a subliminal to expand your potential, not lock yourself into the limitations of the past.

Once the result occurred, they’d proceed to write it down or log it, as the very act of putting pen to paper (or typing it into an online journal or offline word processor) is an intentional, emotional act that helps create the pathways in the mind necessary for future manifestations of result.

Then, they’d do it again. Over time, their manifestations and results, just as yours, will snowball and get better and better.

That is, unless you short-circuit the entire process in the name of “skepticism,” when it’s actually moving the goalposts.

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