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What is the New Wealth Experience?

It’s the result of a long, intensive research into the nature of wealth and success. We engaged with a range of people, from entrepreneurs to CEOs to entry-level workers and even spiritual leaders. Their insights spanned everything from the power of karma to the importance of mindset.

However, a recurrent theme emerged: Experience is key. Experience serves as a foundation from which subtle, subconscious results manifest. An individual with diverse experiences has a richer tapestry of thoughts to draw upon when internalizing concepts of wealth. In other words, the more experience you have, the better the subliminal results.

This changed our approach to wealth scripting completely.

While the industry standard is for producers to create longer, much complicated scripts, we decided to take a different path: focus solely on aligning the script with the user’s unique life circumstances. Question was, how do we achieve such a thing? Every single individual is different in ways we can’t imagine. So, how would we create a singular script that could produce completely organic results in an infinite amount of individuals?

We didn’t quite realize it, but we had already discovered the answer: The “unfolding” concept, used in our Unfolding / Revelation series of titles. With titles in the Unfolding series, results and opportunities will effortlessly present themselves as life unfolds. Yet, you’ll always have a gentle intuitive nudge, indicating that a learning opportunity has just manifested.

The New Wealth Experience does something similar — it helps users manifest positive scenarios daily that allows them to explore their deepest perceptions of wealth. When these realizations move to their conscious actions, their relationship with money evolves quickly, organically, and positively. As such, there’s no more need for “healing” scripting in the traditional sense, as your issues with money will be resolved organically as you simply live. And of course, the New Wealth Experience contains an incredible amount of scripting to manifest as much money as possible, through all open channels of manifestation.

This approach not only accelerates outcomes but also reduces internal conflict (reconciliation), ensuring that users don’t grapple with a tug-of-war between existing beliefs and emerging ones fostered by the subliminal.

Through daily manifestations, which amplify in positivity over time, you’ll gradually find yourself navigating towards greater success and prosperity without even realizing the leaps you’ve made. This approach amplifies the excitement and wonder of the subliminal journey, allowing you to directly witness your engagement with the script and the tangible benefits that unfold. Rather than being in a state of anticipation, you’ll start witnessing tangible, albeit incremental, steps towards your ultimate wealth goals — seamlessly.

The essence of the New Wealth Experience, and any subsequent technologies stemming from it, is to foster seamless, organic, and enduring outcomes. These results emanate naturally as individuals live their lives and actively move in directions they’re passionate about.

A distinctive feature of the New Wealth Experience is its emphasis on self-direction. Instead of dictating specific healing paths or lessons, it encourages personal exploration around wealth. This flexibility ensures that no matter where you currently stand in your financial journey, there’s always space for progression. Thus, even if you don’t align with a specific wealth profile, the opportunity for growth and insight remains open to you.

While competitors have started to emulate the unfolding concept since our introduction, the New Wealth Experience stands apart as a unique advancement of our highly acclaimed Zero Point scripting foundation. This was fundamentally designed to empower users with total control over their subliminal journey.

Simply put, there’s nothing out there like the New Wealth Experience — and while it’s only available in Nouveau R.I.C.H. as of October 2023, by the end of the year, it’s our plan to update EVERY single title in the Subliminal Club catalog with any kind of wealth scripting to include the New Wealth Experience.

And yes, those upgrades are free.

If you’ve ever wanted true financial liberation, this is how you can take your first step. Get Nouveau R.I.C.H. and give the New Wealth Experience a try.

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