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What Is a Subliminal Washout and When Should I Do One?


Simply put, a subliminal washout means refraining from ANY and ALL subliminal input for an elongated period of time. By this, we mean much longer than the recommended rest days — usually around a minimum of two weeks.

While washouts may seem unnecessary (and boring), they can be an incredible strategy to enhance the results you receive from your subliminal stack. Why? A term we call “integration.”

Certain meals, like stews, actually taste much better after they’ve sat for a day. That’s because it needs time for all the different ingredients to settle together. This is a very, very simple example of integration.

The act of listening to a subliminal is like installing a program — one that needs to integrate with your current belief system. Keep in mind that our titles do not override your current morals, values and belief systems. Instead, using our unique scripting method, those systems are “challenged,” guiding you toward developing new beliefs that are both in line with who you were and what you want to become.

Based on our observations, once you stop listening to a title, your subconscious goes into execution and integration mode, where your subconscious reconciles and integrates the new scripting with your current belief systems. If it has a hard time doing that due to past traumas or conflicting beliefs, you experience reconciliation. Once that reconciliation phase passes, you integrate the new beliefs and you’re good to go.

If you’re constantly in the “installing” phase (since you’re always running the program), you’re never actually allowing the program to run without being interrupted. This can lead to stonewalling and harsh reconciliation, as your subconscious may perceive the never ending subliminal stimulus as an attempt to FORCE it to change. Even when you’re not actively listening to a subliminal title, your subconscious is still processing the information from the last time you listened. Based on our recent research, this latent processing can occur for up to 30+ days after the last time you listened.

Thus, when you’re going through periods of extremely harsh reconciliation and/or stonewalling, and lowering the amount of loops you listen to isn’t helping, a washout period could help get everything back on track.

How Long is Long Enough For a Washout?

It’s hard to say, since everyone is unique. But, we’d recommend a minimum of a week. For those who have run their subliminal stack for months on end, we’d recommend a minimum of two weeks up to a month.

You still need to take action toward your goals while going through a washout period. You’ll still need to journal (whether online or offline) also. The point of a washout is to give your subconscious time to process the scripting, and as it does that, you WILL start to see results and you’ll want to capitalize on them. In fact, you may notice that your dreams may be become even more vivid and narrative-like all throughout a washout period, as the subconscious is intensely focused on integrating the scripting it was exposed to in the past, rather than trying to decipher the new scripting (which often triggers the hyper-surreal dreams).

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