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What Are The Most Common Symptoms of Reconciliation?

Reconciliation can manifest in many forms, and some of them are completely unique to the individual. In this case, watch out for any odd or unusual side effect that seems to prevent you from running your subliminal stack. Reconciliation can be sneaky, and the subconscious tends to play “lawyer games” to convince you to stop listening. We’ll get to that in a minute. First, we’ll look at the very basic, common symptoms of reconciliation and how to overcome them:

  • Boredom: The feeling that the subliminal doesn’t work / “I didn’t get ANY results,” and when others say that they can see a change in you, you attempt to “logic” away those results by stringing together a bunch of possible, yet improbable situations to justify how the changes weren’t caused by the subliminal.
  • Headaches and Fatigue: These are also signs of overload. The solution to both of these is to make sure you’re eating well, practicing good sleeping habits, and cutting back on the number of loops.
  • Relentlessly Switching Titles / Title Jumping: Wanting to constantly change up your stack can be a sign of reconciliation. This one is a bit hard to see, because many people simply enjoy seeing what subliminals can achieve and will buy every new title simply for the science. That being said, we’ve observed that MOST people who title jump due to reconciliation will also engage in some weird logic by claiming to switch because the subliminal “isn’t working,” but will proceed to purchase multiple other titles, jumping from one to another because “they aren’t getting results.”
  • Self-Sabotage: This includes ignoring our recommendations regarding listening to titles. For example, they’ll run 12 loops a day and skip rest days, even though it’s clearly hurting them. Or, they’ll mix our titles with another producer’s, etc.
  • Incredibly Vivid Nightmares and Dreams: These are common side effects of running a strong subliminal (like our titles), period. That being said, when you have incredibly frightening nightmares, this could be a sign of reconciliation starting, or ending (usually the latter). These nightmares are the result of your subconscious attempting to clear the deep-seated fears related to the subliminal programming. Some people, however, have dreams so terrifying that they’ll quit the subliminal, thinking that we’ve put something nefarious into the script. This is untrue — it’s your deep fears finally being cleared.

Remember, there are bound to be reconciliation symptoms that aren’t on this list. The key thing to look for is if the side effect you’re experiencing seems like it’s pushing you to quit your stack. You can resolve many of these symptoms by getting good amounts of sleep, staying hydrated, eating healthy foods with lots of nutrients, temporarily cutting back on the loops, taking a washout period (where you stop ALL subliminal input for a week or so), and observing rest days.

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