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What Type of Inquiries Can Support Answer?

We recognize that navigating the complexities of subliminal audio can be challenging, and it’s natural to have numerous questions about it. To assist you in making informed decisions, we meticulously craft detailed product descriptions, complete with extensive lists of objectives. These descriptions are carefully designed to address a wide array of inquiries and to facilitate your product selection process.

Additionally, we encourage you to engage with our comprehensive Customer Experience Forum. Subliminal audio experiences can vary significantly from person to person, and our forum offers a wealth of tailored information. Each of our product titles is accompanied by dedicated forum threads, rich in user experiences and insights. You can access this valuable resource by clicking HERE.

Please be aware that our support team, while knowledgeable about our products, are not specialists in business or relationship consulting. They are also not equipped to provide guidance on personal matters. Furthermore, our agents are not authorized to suggest complete product stacks or create custom solutions.

This support article is designed to clarify the types of questions we can effectively answer and identify those that are better suited for our Customer Experience Forum. Our aim is to guide you to the most appropriate resource for your inquiry, ensuring you receive accurate and helpful information.


Acceptable Inquiries for Direct Support:

  • Account Access Issues: “I cannot get into my account.”
  • Technical Support: “My download isn’t working.”
  • Refunds and Returns: “I’d like a refund on this product.”
  • Product Updates: “There’s a new version of LBFH out. Has the core been updated?”
  • Simple Explanations: “I’m looking for a new job. Will Genesis: Mogul help with that?”
  • Membership Upgrades: “I’d like to upgrade my SubClub Elites status.”


Inquiries Best Directed to the Customer Experience Forum:

  • Business Strategy: “What niche should I make my business?”
  • Personal Advice: “How do I meet women while using SSX?”
  • Relationship Guidance: “How do I get Sally to like me when using Emperor?”
  • Personal Issues: “Can you help me with my mommy issues?” (Note: This was a real inquiry.)
  • Comprehensive Solutions: “Can you recommend an entire stack to help with [x] situation?”
  • Customized Assistance: “Can you build me an entire custom to help with [x] situation?”


For inquiries that fall under the forum’s purview, we encourage you to participate in our Customer Experience Forum. It is a valuable resource where a diverse community, including our @forum_ambassadors, shares insights and experiences. You can tag these ambassadors using the ‘@’ symbol for specialized advice.

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