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Do Subliminals On Youtube Work?

“Do subliminals on YouTube work?”

This is one of the top questions we receive at Subliminal Club. We get the appeal. YouTube subliminals are free, easy to access and you can find a subliminal for pretty much any topic. And that’s the problem — while these titles can promise the world, an improperly written script can cause unintended and sometimes harmful side effects. For example, “resistance” is a common occurrence while running certain subliminals, even more so if that subliminal isn’t scripted properly. “Resistance” occurs when your subconscious mind resists the subliminal’s instructions. Resistance manifests as anger, anxiety, intensely negative thoughts, depression and more. It’s an incredibly emotional painful experience and one that can be completely avoided when running subliminals created by a qualified producer.

Since our titles are created differently, users don’t experience “resistance.” Instead, they may experience reconciliation. Reconciliation is the subconscious process of reconciling your current personal beliefs with the contents of the subliminal. The feeling of reconciliation is generally different than resistance. Reconciliation, however, isn’t always pleasant, but largely feels like a part of you is being healed instead of having some outside influence changing you forcibly.

So, what’s the difference between YouTube subliminals and those you’d find at a qualified producer, like SubliminalClub? It’s all in the scripting method. Other subliminal producers have a tendency to force their ideas of a concept into their titles. For example, they’ll project what their idea of an “alpha” is into their subliminals. If that doesn’t match your personal ideals, it can trigger deep emotional pain. At Subliminal Club, our subliminals present your subconscious with a set of questions and challenges. A very, very, very rudimentary example is: “I am rich,” vs. “Why aren’t you rich?”

See, the first example, a traditional affirmation that other subliminal producers use, will trigger resistance because your subconscious will respond with, “but I’m not rich.” And the more you listen to that subliminal, the more your subconscious will resist. Our titles use something similar to, “why aren’t you rich?” The subconscious will then search for the reason and respond accordingly. Keep in mind, this is a simple example: our scripts are incredibly complex. We apply a scientific approach to the development of our titles, with public, placebo controlled tests and more. This means that our titles are tested by large groups of people, and we incorporate those lessons into future titles.

We’re pretty sure that a YouTube subliminal producer doesn’t use that level of care when creating their subliminals. Instead, they’re attempting to attract a high number of views so that they can promote their channel. So, do subliminals on YouTube work? Possibly, but your mileage will DEFINITELY vary. Instead, try one our titles, risk-free. We offer a 30-day, no questions asked refund policy. We also maintain a lightly moderated user forum @ Subliminal Results, where you can ask our thousands of users directly about their experiences and results.

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