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Can Subliminals REALLY Cause Physical Changes?

Yes, our subliminals can — but there’s really no way to determine how fast this will occur and to what degree, as everyone is different. There are many things that can speed up (or slow down) these changes, including genetics and how you respond to the scripting. Physical changes also require A LOT of energy, and as a result, we recommend that you limit the number of titles (or included modules in a custom) that contains scripting for physical changes. Also, depending on the type of physical changes you desire, you’ll need to make sure that you eat healthy, nutrient-dense food and get lots of sleep. Anything you can do to help the title — like exercise, if you’re running a title to increase your muscularity — will speed up results significantly.

One thing IS clear, though: with enough exposure to a properly scripted subliminal, physical shifts can occur.

Note: The keyword here is “properly scripted subliminal.” When it comes to physical changes, a subliminal needs to contain more than just your basic affirmations — like you’ll find in many YouTube subliminals. Repeating “I now have giant muscles” over and over will not result in your muscles growing.

Based on our research, initiating physical changes requires a different and unique form of scripting that attempts to achieve the goal from multiple angles and methods. The proprietary scripting in our major titles and modules uses this approach, and we’ve seen great success amongst our customers. You can see for yourself by visiting our helpful community at Subliminal Results.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need a fine-tuned, well-tested subliminal delivery method. Our Q, Terminus, Terminus Squared and Ultima subliminal builds, plus our Solace mask are the most powerful subliminal delivery methods in the world.

All of these are available NOW on our Q Custom store, along with a huge assortment of modules designed to help with physical changes and healing.

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