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Do Subliminals Work?

Do Subliminals Work?

Yes, they can. You’ve probably seen a lot of nonsense on the web about subliminals being a myth. That’s untrue. The science of the matter is sound, subliminal audio does have an empirical effect on a person’s actions, and thus their lives. Here’s the problem, subliminals only work when scripted properly and low quality, badly scripted subliminals (like the ones you’ll find on YouTube) are not only ineffective, but if they DO work, they can be harmful. Also, many so called “subliminal producers” often rely on the results of scientific studies as “proof” that their titles work. For example, click here to see the results of a Google search containing the first paragraph of a peer reviewed scientific journal written by a researcher in 1986 that provided solid evidence of subliminal audio’s positive effects on the human mind. You’ll find a number of so-called “producers” stealing that researcher’s work (among others) as their own, rather than providing evidence that their own products work and doesn’t cause any harm. Be very skeptical of ANY company attempting this while providing no way for you independently verify the results of using their products.

At Subliminal Club, we’ve conducted a number of public, placebo controlled studies to test the effectiveness of our products. You can see the results of those studies on our Science page. You can also talk to the participants themselves, as well as the users of our products at our community forum, Subliminal Results. Do subliminals work? Well, ask the people who use them yourself, then decide.

That being said, you’ll see a lot of mainstream journalists claiming that subliminals don’t work, or they’re a myth. Modern media outlets are more interested in page clicks than actually conducting deep research and reporting on a topic. They’ll write sensational headlines to attract readers, then take a generic position to avoid having to spend a lot of time writing an article. Here’s a list of peer-reviewed, scientific articles that provides food for thought regarding the validity of subliminal audio. Note, we are not claiming that these studies validate OUR products. If you want more information on our products, visit the Science page, or check out our community at Subliminal Results, where you can ask our users directly. These studies simply provide insight into the concept of subliminals as a whole:

Kaiser, V.A. — The effects of an auditory subliminal message upon the production of images and dreams
Shevrin, Howard — Does the Averaged Evoked Response Encode Subliminal Perception? Yes. A Reply to Schwartz and Rem
R Palumbo, I Gillman — Effects of subliminal activation of Oedipal fantasies on competitive performance. A replication and extension
Bornstein, R. F., Leone, D. R., & Galley, D. J. — The generalizability of subliminal mere exposure effects: Influence of stimuli perceived without awareness on social behavior.

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