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Does My Starting Point Determine My Success With Subliminals?

Your starting point does NOT determine your success for subliminals — at least with our subliminal audios. We can’t answer for anyone else.

It DOES affect how long it’ll take for you to start getting results. Here’s the difference — your socioeconomic background, upbringing, race, gender, etc. does not solely determine how far you go can in life. These things do have real world ramifications and issues, but your mindset is the only thing that can prevent you from achieving your goals. Yes, having a wealthy family makes certain things about life much easier, like starting a business, or having access to those who can help you bootstrap. That being said, there are many individuals who started out with nothing and lived disadvantaged lives before achieving incredible success. For example, people like Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Larry Ellison (Oracle), J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter), etc. all lived in poverty before they built their empires. These individuals don’t possess some kind of magical power that suddenly led them to riches. They simply tapped into their inherent gifts (which we all have), changed their mindsets and just took action.

Honestly, the amount of action and energy you give toward achieving your goals determines your success with both subliminals and life in general. Subliminals need you to create a “pathway to manifestation” in order to work properly. It’s not enough to just listen. Your subconscious may ignore the scripting, because there’s no way for it to actually act upon and execute that scripting. For example, if you’re running a wealth sub, if you don’t ask for a promotion at work, or attempt to start a side business, there’s no “pathway to manifestation.” If you’re running an attraction sub, but every time an attractive person comes your way, you tuck tail and leave, how can the new scripting manifest in reality?

With our titles, sometimes the pathway to manifestation doesn’t even have to be huge. For example, our new sexual aura sub, Libertine, when you see someone giving you a bit more attention or smiling at you from afar, just say hello or crack a joke. Give the aura and the subliminal programming a chance to manifest in reality.

So, yeah — your starting point will be different from others. Some will be born into money. Others will be born into an influential family with lots of connections. You may be born into a family that’s broke and poor. However, that still has an advantage. Many people who were born into poverty knows how to make big moves with less money. Also, since you’re not used to a life of luxury, you can survive with less while spending cash to build your business. Life isn’t fair, but there’s always a lesson that can be gained from most situations. The most effective thing you can do, however, is take action.

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