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EXPERIMENTAL: Zero Point Stack Rotation

PLEASE READ: Safety Notices

This article is for advanced subliminal users. If you haven’t been using our subliminal products for at least a year consistently, please refrain from attempting stack rotation. Read the ENTIRE article before taking any action.

Please note: In no way, shape or form should you use stack rotation as a method to bypass the Zero Point safety instructions and recommended listening patterns (click here to read). Please do not attempt to do so, as you could cause the opposite effect: lower results and intense reconciliation. Do not proceed with any stack rotation strategy until you’ve read the link above and you completely understand the safety instructions.

What is Stack Rotation?

Stack rotation allows you to swap out a title in your subliminal stack (the “stack” of titles you’re using) for one you aren’t currently using, allowing you to expand your potential through subliminal audio even further.

Your subconscious tends to process the scripting in Zero Point powered titles for a few weeks after cessation of listening — but at a lesser level of intensity. Some people call this the “subliminal bloom,” where your subconscious kicks that title’s scripting goes into pure execution mode, since you’re no longer dividing brain cycles between “input” (listening to the subliminal) and “execution” (which occurs on rest days).

This is why stack rotation is possible. When you’re NOT listening to the subliminal, your mind is still processing the script, but not as intensely as if you were listening to that title every day. This means that you can slip that title out and use another, receiving benefits of both.

Now, what makes stack rotation difficult is the TIMING in which you must make the switch, otherwise you could run into issues with overexposure.

How Do I Rotate My Stack?

Two things:

  1. Timing is key.
  2. You can only swap out ONE title per rotation.

When washing out for five days after a 21 day cycle (as stated in the listening guides here), you must take an additional seven days of washout / non-exposure from the title you intend on rotating. You need at least 12 days of non-exposure between the original title in your stack and the new one.

This allows the “subliminal bloom” from the original track to occur and settle before adding new subliminal scripting from the title you’re rotating in. This also means, for a period of about 12 days, that you’ll be listening to less subliminal exposure overall, allowing the subconscious to have the resources to better process the remaining titles (as less exposure means less resources needed). So, if you’re running three titles, you’re going to be running just two for twelve days (the two titles you AREN’T planning on rotating).

Once that waiting period is over, you may “rotate in” the new title, and ceasing ALL exposure to the title you’re swapping out. Please note: the first few times you listen to the new title, limit your listening time to 3-5 minutes. This will allow you to gauge whether or not you can handle the swap. If you experience reconciliation (or stonewalling, etc.), you’ll either need more time between the rotations, or your ability to process subliminal scripting renders you unable to use stack rotation (which may not be a bad thing — those who process scripts quickly and deeply may not be able to rotate).

You can only rotate ONE title per rotation period. That means, if you have a stack of three titles, you can only choose ONE to rotate for another. The next washout period (thus, your next opportunity to rotate), you can rotate another ONE title for another. This prevents too much new scripting from causing reconciliation.

Example of Stack Rotation:

My (hypothetical) current stack consists of:

Chosen: The Way of Nature
Love Bomb For Humanity

I want to enhance my creativity by rotating Renaissance Man in and rotating The Way of Nature out. During the five day washout period every 21 days, I will stop listening to all titles (as recommended). After that five days, I will continue to listen to Chosen and Love Bomb For Humanity, per the listening pattern for Zero Point powered titles. I will extend the washout for The Way of Nature for another seven days, bring the total time of non-exposure of The Way of Nature to twelve days.

The following day, I can then start listening to Renaissance Man. My new, rotated stack is:

Renaissance Man (taking the spot of The Way of Nature)
Love Bomb For Humanity

Again, do not rotate more than one title. Rotating two at once can trigger reconciliation, stonewalling, etc. due to the amount of new scripting. This also applies if you’re listening to a stack of two titles. Don’t swap both at once.

If you’re listening to one title, you’re good. Take the additional washout time of seven days, then rotate in the new title.

Can I Rotate a Custom Title In?

For now, we recommend that you avoid rotating in custom titles into an established stack. ZP customs vary too much for us to make a solid recommendation. Even if you’re running a custom with minimal modules, if those few modules are cores, or auras, they can end up diminishing results.

If you have a stack that you started with a custom and other major titles, you may be able to swap out the major titles (non-custom titles) for another, but make sure you limit exposure to the new title until you gauge how it interacts with your custom. By limiting exposure, we mean listening to less loops of the swapped in title AND lowering listening time to 3-5 minutes. Once you confirm that the new title will work well with your custom, you may slowly increase exposure.

Remember, with Zero Point, less can be more.

What About Multistage Titles?

We don’t recommend using stack rotation in a stack with multistage subliminals, as you’ll be rotating a title anyway — the next stage of the multistage title. That being said, if you offset the switch of the multistage against the title you wish to rotate in, you MAY be able to do so. This means you’ll have to listen to the multistaged title for multiple periods.

For Example:

If you’re listening to Ecstasy of Gold (a four stage title), Stark and Renaissance Man, but you want to enhance your romantic prowess a bit with Diamond (swapping Renaissance Man) out, you can rotate only if you’re planning on going to the next stage of EoG on the NEXT washout period.

Remember, you can only rotate one title per period, so with multistage titles, you can only rotate in the next stage of the multistage title OR another title. Not both. They must be offset to avoid rotating two titles in at once (even if the new title is the next stage of a multistage title).

Any Other Caveats?

Yes. First, we’d recommend rotating a title once every TWO washout periods. This means you get two full listening cycles to a title before rotating it. Why? This allows you to guarantee that you’ll see results from a title, and better decide if you want to swap it out for another in the first place.

Also, sticking with the same titles for an extended period of time will generate the DEEP results that many desire. Throwing in new titles every 21 days will lead to lighter (but possibly still profound) results.

How Do I Best Use Stack Rotation?

We recommend using it to “cover ground” that’s related to your current stack that you want to see more of. For example, if you’re running an alpha & sexuality stack of Emperor + Godlike Masculinity + Libertine, but you want to see more wealth results (which is covered in the alpha titles, but not exclusively covered), you can rotate Libertine out for R.I.C.H. Or, you can switch Godlike Masculinity out for R.I.C.H., depending on what you feel is best.

I Still Need Help!

If you do not understand these instructions, or you have minimal experience with our subliminal titles, please ask for help before attempting to rotate a title. Feel free to post on the forum, where our helpful moderators and forum ambassadors will be glad to help you. There’s also a dedicated forum thread for this support article (click here to read).

Also, remember that stack rotation is not a way to bypass any of the safety instructions listed in the instruction manual (there’s also a link to the precautions in the first part of this article).

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