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What Are “Manifestations”?

When you run a subliminal mind program, you may start noticing a high number very odd “coincidences” occurring. For example, MOGUL has “money manifestation” scripting in it, so you may get an unexpected raise, or discover an avenue to generate more income that you never thought of before. You may possibly even get an inheritance, or have someone just give you money.

These aren’t coincidences at all, they’re the result of your infinitely powerful subconscious following the instructions of the subliminal and affecting your reality. The more you use a subliminal, the more your subconscious mind accepts the instructions and the harder it works at making those instructions reality. So, if you spend 10 hours a day using a subliminal audio program that tells your subconscious to find new avenues of money, it’s going to do just that.

Many people are afraid of the concept of manifestations. They think the subliminal may cause a “negative manifestation” to occur. Thing is, you manifest ALL the time, whether you’re running a subliminal audio program or not. Societal influences, like television and popular culture are already influencing your subconscious, causing you to manifest things that may not be in line with what you want. With subliminals, you’re removing that potentially faulty programming and replacing it with programming that reflects what YOU want in life.

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