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What Is Stonewalling and How Can I Prevent It?

Stonewalling is a form of reconciliation where your subconscious completely blocks the subliminal scripting. While no one quite knows what causes stonewalling, the popular belief is that the subconscious becomes so afraid of the subliminal’s target goal that it simply ignores all subliminal input. As a result, you’ll no longer feel ANYTHING when listening to a subliminal, nor will you observe any subliminal-assisted changes to your life.

Also, a lot of times when people are saying that “the results dropped,” they’re actually referring to the loss of ACUTE results. When you first run a sub, you’ll immediately start seeing results because the scripting is new and novel to your subconscious. After a couple of weeks, your subconscious becomes accustomed to the new reality (to an extent) and it isn’t so “novel” anymore. This is when the deep work occurs, where you have to be very self-aware of your past patterns and habits. That way, you can really gauge if you’re truly stonewalling, or just becoming used to the new reality.

Those experiencing reconciliation will generally experience a mixture of irritation, sadness, anger or all of the above. They may also still have vivid nightmares or subliminal induced dreams. If you’re stonewalling, none of these will occur. It’ll be like you’re listening to absolute silence.

Cutting down on the number of loops is the most effective way to overcome stonewalling. You can’t really brute force your way past it, as the subconscious will simply stonewall even harder. You’ll need to “ease” back into listening to your stack. We recommend starting with one loop every other day, then increasing the number of loops once you start getting results again.

The second (and more difficult strategy) is suppressing the lust for results. Constantly looking for results can actually short circuit the process. You just need to run the sub, take action and let the alchemical process occur.

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