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What is Subliminal Resistance and How Do I Deal With It?

We don’t necessarily agree with the concept of “resistance,” as we’ve seen popular subliminal producers attempting to shift the blame of their faulty products on to you by claiming you’re just “resisting” the script, and if you would just follow the instructions, everything would be okay. That being said, there IS a phenomenon that occurs where your subconscious encounters difficulties attempting to reconcile your current personal beliefs with the subliminal’s scripting.

Since our subliminal programs are designed to question and challenge the subconscious instead of instructing it, your mind has no reason to “resist” the script. Instead, it answers the challenges and integrates the lessons into your psyche. Yes, reconciliation can cause an uncomfortable emotional reaction. When you’re in the throes of reconciliation, you may not even realize it. In your mind, you’ll feel that you’re completely fine and everyone else is the problem, even though they’re not actually doing anything wrong. You must be careful not to do or say anything that could cause permanent emotional damage to those around you. Once the reconciliation resolves (and it usually only lasts a few hours to a day), you’ll feel much better, but those you hurt may not forgive you so easily.

Why does reconciliation exist? The thing is, change is hard — in ANY form. When you go to the gym, you experience delayed onset muscle soreness. Subliminal use is no different. These are tools to help you become a better person, but it’s not going to do ALL the work for you.

So, what are some tips to help speed up the process of integration if you’re already feeling it? Well, much of the negative emotions caused by reconciliation are the result of nervous, pent up energy. Thus, the easiest way to get over integration is by discharging that energy. You can accomplish this the quickest through intense workouts. Go for a long run, go hit a heavy bag. Do something to wear yourself out. Then, relax and meditate. Try to avoid arguments. Sleeping can also cause integration to occur as your brain processes information and experiences from the day while sleeping.

Need more information, or found a way to quickly resolve reconcilation? Talk about it on the Subliminal Results forum. Get REAL subliminal results and experiences — unfiltered and unedited.

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