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  3. What’s the Best Way to Listen to a Subliminal?

What’s the Best Way to Listen to a Subliminal?


The “best” way is the method that’s most convenient for you. We’ve designed our products for your ease of use. That being said, there are a few hard rules that you’ll need to remember. We HIGHLY recommend using speakers — including the built-in speakers on your phone — with ultrasonic subliminals. Using earbuds with ultrasonic audio could lead to tinnitus or long-term hearing damage.

You can listen to Ultima-powered subliminals — which consists of a masked subliminal with an embedded ultrasonic subliminal — with headphones or earbuds as long as you play them at a reasonable level, as the volume of the ultrasonic file has been lowered significantly.

Please note that listening to ultrasonic audio at unreasonable levels may cause physical damage to your ear, which can affect or damage your hearing. By downloading or listening to these programs, you accept full responsibility for the results of using these programs in any unreasonable or inappropriate manner, including (but not limited to) listening to ultrasonic audio on headphones, earbuds or any other headset, or by listening to ultrasonic audio loudly over speakers. If you experience tinnitus, ear pain, or any other unwanted sensations, stop usage of the ultrasonic audio program immediately. As you’ll see in the instruction manual, use a frequency analyzer app (we recommend Frequensee) to check the level of the ultrasonic audio, and never listen over -20db.

Masked subliminals are generally considered safe. Take the same precautions as you would listening to any audio track and avoid listening too loud. Other than that, simply load the subliminal audio file(s) into your favorite media player and enjoy.

How Many Loops Should I Run Each Day?

If you’re listening to one title, please read the following article: https://support.subliminalclub.com/knowledge-base/how-many-loops-should-i-listen-to-single-title/

If you’re interested in listening to multiple titles (creating a subliminal “stack”), please read this article: https://support.subliminalclub.com/knowledge-base/how-many-loops-should-i-listen-to-multiple-titles/

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