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How Does Zero Point “Push Reality Through the User?”

We’ve described Zero Point as “pushing reality through the user” rather than you attempting to force reality to bend to your will. Many people have asked what we mean. While we can’t completely explain, as that would expose our trade secrets, we do want to elaborate on that concept the best that we can. The following was posted to the forum as a response to an individual’s comment:

The beauty of Zero Point is its contradictory nature of being both so simplistic and yet complex. If we were to show you the scripts, you would wonder how they are capable of creating such profound results, but the secrets behind how it works is what makes it so complex.

It works so well, and with minimal reconciliation, because the inspiration is being generated from the self, not the subliminal. It’s also why everyone’s results will differ so greatly. You’ll see the clear commonalities – attraction from those that users find attractive, increased respect, overall sense of peace and happiness, etc. – but when you look at the nuances of those results (and the corresponding journeys), you’ll see that each and every one of us are actually walking down differing paths.

It’s why you’re going to see people constantly switching up their stacks and trying new things. You cannot fake authenticity and congruence with Zero Point. If you are running WANTED, but deep down inside, you really just want the perfect mate – a soulmate – you won’t respond like someone who wants to explore and push their sexuality to the extreme.

The traditional affirmation model is exceptionally limiting in this regard because it forces a “one size fits all” approach to everyone. That approach, and those who push it, fail to realize that you’re dealing with overlapping and highly integrated dynamic systems. You are a unique dynamic system, a creative expression of the universe itself. There will be others like you, but there will never be another YOU. How could there be? They say every 10 minutes or so, all of the molecules in your body will be replaced – there will never again (and yes, I know in a continuum of infinite probability, everything is possible) be someone who had those same molecules replaced at the exact same time, molecules that comprised a living, conscious entity.

As dynamic, unique individuals, we create and emanate dynamic systems. Society is one of those systems. We constantly both create and perceive society (as a system), which then influences your mindset (think again of the image of the torus).

Taking all this into consideration, did it ever really make sense to think all people would respond to a script full of static affirmations in the exact same way, and those who failed to respond would be told that they are just fearful of the script?

This is why, with Zero Point, we were bold enough to literally start over from scratch. To sit down, look at all the research we’ve accumulated (and we have YEARS of reports to work from) and just cast aside all of our hard work and say, “maybe we all got it wrong.” We know Qv2 works, and it works well – but what if there were a different way?

Zero Point will demand that same line of critical thought from you. It will relentlessly ask you if what you say you want is REALLY what you want. There’s no way to lie about it, no matter how hard you try, because the subliminal is doing very little. It’s simply an audio file with scripting. YOU are doing the hard work, as your personal reality (and the dynamic reality that emanates from you) is pushed through you, and as the classic lines indicates, it’s not the spoon that bends, it’s you that bends.

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