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Community Created Article: How is ZP “better” than Qv2?

Written by forum member “Malkuth.” View the post here.

Zero Point is leaner, lighter, and more agile. It interfaces with your mind more effortlessly and organically.

The saying “it pushes reality through you” means that it generates change at the level of your perceptions.

Everyone’s mind generates the perceptions that we experience. You see a screen in front of you right now that you are reading; but even though you see it in front of you, the sensations of ‘screen’ and ‘in front of me’ are generated within your mind.

If an animal has its brain’s parietal lobe removed or damaged, for example, the mind will no longer be able to create a sensation of touch. In this case, texture, ‘feel’, and pain will just seem to ‘stop existing’.

(Now what might happen if that same animal instead of having its brain injured, has its brain functionality enhanced?)

The conscious experience of reality is generated and constructed. This happens unconsciously, so we don’t think of it very much. But it is the case.

ZP has an enhanced ability to ‘shake hands’ and interface with the mind. It is ‘absorbed’ and ‘integrated’ more smoothly and effortlessly than previous versions. It seems to enhance and support your mind’s reality-generation function at a deeper level than was previously possible. That is the meaning of an “UPGRADE”.

As a result, you will find the results happening even more effectively, even faster, even more naturally than they did before.

Remember the Terminator movies?

Qv2 is like the T800. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bad-ass. Powerful. Packing major firepower.

ZP is like the T1000. Just as strong as the T800. But it can flow and reform and shape itself like water. It could blast through if it chose, but it’s much more effective, sometimes, to flow.

Well, that metaphor’s a bit more violent than I’d prefer, but it’s pretty good.

Because of how smoothly it flows, ZP integrates more effectively with your mind’s Reality Generation function. As a result of this smooth, organic shift in perception, there is a subjective sensation of Effortlessness. Reality seems to simply ‘morph’. Rather than needing to be forced into shape.

So reality is ‘moved through you’, rather than you forcing your way through reality.

But this very functionality makes each ZP title much more concentrated and potent. Less room for messing about.

When you have a bow and arrow that never misses, you’d better consider well before you aim and shoot. (That is hyperbole, but hopefully you get the point.) The potency of ZP leaves less room for careless errors.

Hence the listening guidelines and the prescribed limits on number of programs.

It may seem ‘slower’ or ‘frustrating’ to you when you try to imagine it now, but 6 months from now? When you’ve smoothly integrated up to a possible 12 different programs? You’ll realize you’ve been on the express train the whole time, thinking you were riding the local.

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