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How Do I Know If a Subliminal is Working?

It’s easier than you think to know if a subliminal is working. The thing is, everyone’s minds are different, so your experience may differ from others. However, we have observed similar patterns that most people seem to experience.

A noticeable shift in your behavior, mood, decision making, physical attributes, etc. that didn’t exist before running the program is your most obvious sign that the program is working. Many of our customers tell us that their friends, family and colleagues comment about “how much they’ve changed.”

When using the personal power and wealth subliminals (Emperor, StarkQ, Ascended Mogul), you may find that people are treating you with much more respect and deference. On the flipside, there will be those—particularly those used to “the old you”—that may become frustrated that they can no longer control you and may attempt to tear you down or “put you back in your place.”

You’ll definitely have more vivid, pronounce and profound dreams. Remember, the mind uses dreams to process the information from the day, and our subliminals are pumping A LOT of information to process.

The end result is more dreams. These dreams may be very abstract and symbolic in nature and will sometimes even directly address the target goal of the subliminal (e.g. dreaming about Muay Thai fights while running Muay Thai Mastery X).

You may also experience surges of euphoria—this means the subconscious “likes” what it’s hearing and as a result, you’ll begin to feel very happy. Likewise, the inverse may occur, and you’ll feel a little down and/or frustrated. This is a subconscious response we call “reconciliation,” as the subconscious processes the subliminal instructions and interprets them based on your personal views, beliefs and moral code. Since some of the instructions can be considered “frightening” to the subconscious (since it pushes you out of your comfort zone), you may experience negative feelings. Either situation is fairly short-lived and wears off within a day.

Remember, we’re not trying to force you to be something you aren’t. Our programs provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals and become the best version of yourself.

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