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Subliminal Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know


Is subliminal weight loss possible? The short answer: Absolutely — at least with our subliminal programs, which helps you rewrite emotional issues deep with the subconscious mind. Resolve the emotional issues, and you’ll find that the rest comes easily.

Now, for the longer explanation:

You’d think losing weight would be easy. There are very few people that don’t know how weight loss works. Your body makes it simple: exercise, practice good eating habits and the pounds should melt off. The thing is, following a healthy lifestyle in modern society isn’t easy. Unfortunately, healthy foods cost more than their unhealthy counterparts AND they’re easier to access. When you walk into a convenience store, there’s very few healthy options. Instead, you’re bombarded with colorful advertisements for overly processed junk foods. Junk food leads to emotional eating and other really bad habits.

In fact, these bad habits becomes ingrained within the subconscious mind and your responses to food feels uncontrollable — and in a way, they are. The subconscious mind controls many of your automated responses to stimuli. It’s essentially running a script that informs your conscious mind on how to act when something happens. This is why most weight loss programs fail: they give you the knowledge, but they don’t address the core issue — the relentless, almost uncontrollable script running within your subconscious that compels you to eat unhealthy.

And yes, with enough willpower and dedication, you can change your life for the better without any help. People do it everyday. But, we’re all different — if you grew up eating a high amount of junk food, or you engage in emotional eating as a response to stress or other societal factors, your journey will be MUCH harder.

What’s worse is that most people don’t even realize that there’s some kind of internal emotional blockage preventing them from losing weight. These subconscious scripts are largely invisible, and only those with strong introspective skills can pick up on the triggers that leads to things like emotional eating and bad eating habits.

That’s where subliminal audio comes in.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help With Your Weight Loss Goals

Many subliminal audio producers only focuses on the exercise part. And what happens when you run that title? Answer: You’ll get little to no positive results, and tons of negative side effects.

We take a different approach. Everyone is different, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach to subliminal weight loss. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary scripting method that adapts to your personal situation and internal issues. Other producers will create a generic program that just urges you to exercise more.

Our subliminal audio programs related to physical health (like Emperor Fitness) can help you lose weight fast by “rewriting” those negative scripts running in your subconscious. We do this through the use of positive affirmations that helps you understand and work through why you’re engaging in bad eating habits and urges you to take action. By addressing the underlying emotional issues, the exercise and eating part becomes MUCH easier. Why? The subconscious mind is no longer pushing you to engage in bad eating habits as a form of coping with negative stimuli, or to resolve mental pain.

Once the emotional issue is taken care of, we have many subliminals that focuses on enhancing your exercise and physical performance. For examples, take a look at The Beast Within, The Beast Unleashed or Spartan — a few of our physical health titles.

Our unique two-pronged approach of dissolving the emotional blockages, immediately followed by improving physical performance is the pinnacle of subliminal weight loss and can result with you achieving a state of absolute peak fitness.

We also offer guided meditation programs regarding weight loss.

What About Binaural Beats?

We’re skeptical on how they can address the underlying issues preventing people from losing weight. Yes, binaural beats can affect your current state of mind, but that’s not enough to overcome the feeling of euphoria you experience when even thinking about munching on a piece of chocolate cake.

Our subliminal programs reaches beyond the boundaries of the conscious mind and helps rewrite the invisible scripts preventing you from losing weight and eating healthy food.

Binaural beats are helpful with exercise by helping you enter a flow state where exercise becomes easy. The Beast Within and The Beast Unleashed works much better, since they contain subliminal audio that urges you workout.

What About Dieting?

Subliminal weight loss doesn’t exclude dieting. Dieting works if you’ve built a long term weight loss plan and you’re not following crash or fad diets. These types of diets will give good results at first, but you’ll gain all the weight back when you stop.

This isn’t good for a number of reasons. Crash and fad diets are hard on the body and mind. Once the weight comes back, you may find yourself discouraged from healthy eating. You may even convince yourself that your health goals cannot be reached because the weight gain always comes back. This can lead to a downward spiral where the negative subconscious scripts becomes reinforced because the fad diet failed.

That’s why our subliminal audio based weight loss programs contains scripting to help you discover healthy foods that you’ll always enjoy eating. This will help you avoid following crash and fad diets and instead help you develop positive long-term habits that will help you lose weight gradually, but steadily.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: Is it Better than Subliminal Weight Loss?

That’s hard to say, since everyone is different. You may respond better to hypnotherapy, though in our experience, this hasn’t been the case. One thing we can definitely say: subliminal weight loss is MUCH EASIER.

With our subliminal audio, you simply find a comfortable place and listen. Our ultrasonic subliminals even sound silent (they aren’t, see the article on Ultrasonic Subliminals), giving you a lot of versatility regarding when you can listen.

With hypnotherapy, you’ll need multiple sessions. You’ll also have to travel to the hypnotherapist’s office (or have them come to you). This means cutting into your day, having to take off work, etc.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t knocking hypnotherapy. We simply believe that our subliminal audio programs can achieve the same or better results with less effort.


So yes, subliminal weight loss is certainly possible, and we’ve seen people undergo incredible transformations using them. Subliminals help rewrite the invisible scripts present in the subconscious mind that urges you to engage in unhealthy eating habits.

Take a look at the weight loss journey of “DarkEmpress,” a member on our friendly community forum. Her story is one of many examples of how subliminals can enhance and assist with your weight loss goals.

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